University of Kordofan


The faculty anticipates achieving the following objectives:

  1. Formulation of qualified students having their scientific degrees of qualification via teaching and developing the basic sciences in different disciplines of specialization.
  2. Drawing attentions towards the distinguished research and studies by means of dissemination of knowledge, research findings and encouraging publishing
  3. Connecting between the university and community and encouraging scientific research to solve environmental   problems in Kordofan region.
  4. Provisions of consultancies and technical advice in the field of faculty specialization where needed.
  5. Contribution to the community development via oriented capacity building programs (training, seminars and workshops) for raising the awareness of the people in Kordofan
  6. Creation of networking between the faculty in one hand and other relevant institutions on the other hand for mutual scientific research development.
  7. Collaborations with national, regional and international universities and research institutes for staff exchange and implementation of joint projects.